Our Labor Day candidate for Monday Magick, "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry featuring former Three 6 Mafia frontman Juicy J, is probably a surprise to some. But I totally meant to share this video when it debuted several month ago, and there is a whole YouTube cottage industry of conspiracy videos accusing the former Christian singer turned Pop diva of being some sort of Illuminati high priestess. That's the kind of thing that will get you my attention no matter how many records you sell.

When "Dark Horse" hit, with its bold-faced, if cartoony, depictions of the mystical traditions of ancient Kemet, my reaction was basically "Oh, now the conspiracy theorists actually have something to be mad about". I certainly dug the song's slow & low Trap production with its etheric synths and deep bass. And even though I've disliked everything Ms. Perry's released since some company sent me a promo of her "UR So Gay" single in 2007, I've been sold on "Dark Horse" since day one. I'm sure the "If you wanna play with magic" refrain, which mirrors the classic magickal warning against calling up anything you can't put down in its own way, has a lot to do with it. That, and the bass. You gotta love bass.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you the name of Ms. Perry's album or what label it was released on.

Music is magick.
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The Magicians

Sorry folks, but Monday Magick will be taking this week off.

We'll be back with another entry of our magickal musical feature next week.
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Original Art-Rap princess Bunny Michael, the artist formerly known as Bunny Rabbit, does throbbing Industrial and psychedelic gyrating in her new video "Cool to Me (Nature Slut ignorant art)".

Her newish EP 'Rainbow Licker' is still in digital stores online, and her line of one-of-a-kind hand-painted clothing items, Nature Slut, is available for order via her Tumblr page.

Bunny Michael
Nature Slut
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Noah23 - Street Astrology

Noah23 'Street Astrology' (.ZIP)

Canadian rap-sensation and friend of Discordia Noah23 is back with another album of blissed out beats and esoteric rhymes, minus the downshifted vocal stylings of his Blast Master Therion persona, on 'Street Astrology'.

As usual Noah's offering his latest collection of slightly unhinged, metaphysical microphonics, assisted by friends from far and wide on both rhymes and beats, for download on a "pay what you want" basis.

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Bronsolino pays tribute to Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda's 1969 biker flick by going on a reality bending trip replete with girls, guns, fights, cops, and a guitar in the drug-fueled video clip for "Easy Rider".

While his in-video character is dropping tabs and atomic elbows, and "rockin' very loose pants", Bronson drops his signature punchlines, sexual innuendo, and drug references over a rugged and raw Psych-Rock-sampling Party Supplies supplied beat.

"Easy Rider" is the first single from Bronson's forthcoming 'Mr. Wonderful' LP, due out this Fall on Atlantic Records.

Action Bronson
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This week's Monday Magick entry echoes out of eternity from 1971 London, England where four piece Blues Rock band Egg, formerly known as Uriel, took up the pseudonym Arzachel to record an experimental, and eldritch, psychedelic album. The self-titled LP, released by the little known Evolution label, didn't exactly set the world on fire, but it quickly became a cult favorite, and has been widly bootlegged over the years.

While the band's alias, Arzachel, was drawn from the name of a crater on the moon, itself named for a Moorish metalsmith, mathematician, and astronomer, their original monicker Uriel is of course one of the archangels not unfamiliar to magickal adepts. And though they're probably most widly known for their cover of "Queen St. Gang" (otherwise known as the "Grindhouse" intro music), other songs on the album dripped with esotericism. The Lovecraftian "Azathoth" for example, which is named for one of the horror pioneer's "Old Gods" (perhaps the oldest God, a primordial "nuclear" chaos lulled to sleep by terrible music and dancing), is majestically spooky. Like The Electric Prunes' psychedelic reworks of baroque liturgical music, only dedicated to something with tentacles instead of Jesus.

The group members enjoyed some amount of success as Egg, releasing a handful of albums before moving on to various other projects.

Music is magick.
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Grape Juice

Longtime readers know I don't necessarily consider myself part of any "blogosphere" brotherhood. I don't read a lot of blogs, and I practically never promote other blog sites in this space. So it might come as a shock to find me posting an entry touting the merits of a blog called Groupname for Grape Juice.

I don't know anything about the blog's author "znore", other than the fact that they, like me, have an interest in conspiracies, mythology, the occult, language, literature, and authors Robert Anton Wilson, and especially, James Joyce. I also know that they write copiously and fascinatingly about these subjects, bridging the gaps between them and waxing philosophically on their inter-relatedness and the impact they, and the other subjects which catch their fancy, have on society at large.

I have been especially taken with a recent series of articles that refute a silly conspiracy making the rounds of late which claim the counterculture movement of the '60s and '70s -- up to and including the music of the era, especially that of the so-called "Laurel Canyon scene" -- were part of a plot orchestrated by our government and other nefarious forces to destroy humanity. The author makes quick work of the conspiracy and its proponents, citing the history of liberal thought going back centuries, working in Joyce, Yeats, and Pound, and even discussing a strange educational conspiracy of the "elite" which mirrored certain elements of the 5% Nation of Gods & Earths in my mind. I found myself regularly checking the blog on my browser at work to see if the next installment was up.

The July 20th post celebrating "Bloomsday", which discusses the occult ramifications of the works of James Joyce was also something of a "page turner" for me. Where else will Leopold Bloom meet Madame Blavatsky, Umberto Eco, Mussolini, RAW, and Edward Snowden? Only in the pages of Groupname for Grape Juice.

Add it to your bookmarks, or however young people keep track of these things, today.

Groupname for Grape Juice
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