Some of the clunky G-Funk revival beats and neo-Soulquarian affectations (dude owes Common royalties for how influential 'Like Water for Chocolate' must've been on this record) on Kendrick's 'To Pimp a Butterfly' were a little bit of a turnoff for me.

So was the tired anti-Luciferian moralist philosophizing present throughout the LP.

That said, there are several incredible moments on '...Butterfly', with "Alright" unquestionably being one of them.

And the video, which juxtaposes slick, visual-FX-assisted fantasy elements with wry social commentary with a focus on the scourge of police violence which has particularly plagued the African American community for ages is absolutely beautiful.

"Alright" is one of my favorite cuts from Kendrick Lamar's most recent LP 'To Pimp a Butterfly', in stores now via Top Dawg Entertainment.

Kendrick Lamar
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Strange, seemingly supernatural, doings are afoot in the futuristic, psuedo-sci-fi-flavored video clip for Disclosure's Summertime House anthem "Holding On" featuring vocals from Gregory Porter.

More about the mysterious events taking place will be revealed as the story will reportedly continue in future videos from the group.

"Holding On" is the first single from the UK Club Music duo's forthcoming sophomore album 'Caracal', due out September 25th through the PMR/Island label.

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Hear El Keter and Emeyesi shout out the SCOTUS (well, some of them), reminisce about POLO, and thank Auto Duck for saving their asses on this week's podcast!

Receive the transmission!

Receive it!


1. Panda Bear "Crosswords (Pete Rock Remix)"
2. SELA. "But I'm Not Worth It (No Matter)"
3. Your Old Droog "Gentrify My Hood"
4. Open Mike Eagle "Celebrity Reduction Prayer"
5. Vursatyl "High Horse"
6. Ta-Ku "Trust Me"
7. Active Child "Stranger"
8. Princess Nokia "Young Girls"
9. Tinashe "Cold Sweat"
10. Nomine "Nomine's Robot"
11 Soft Lit "I Can't Help It"

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The song isn't doing a whole lot for me, but the unquestionably Not Safe For Work video for Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" is so batshit insane that I can't not share it.

The Kanye West co-produced "Bitch Better Have My Money" is the second single from Rihanna's forthcoming as-yet-untitled eighth studio LP.

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We dig way back in the archives for this week's Monday Magick entry, "Devil Got My Woman", an influential early single from legendary Bluesman Skip James.

Though not hugely popular sales-wise upon original release, James' music, particularly his unique fingerpicking, proved inspirational to generations of Blues, Folk, and Rock artists. 1931's "Devil Got My Woman" in particular showcases his penchant for eerie, some might say dark and even foreboding, melodies played in open D-minor tuning which were surely fodder for the imaginations of the occult rockers and Heavy Metal pioneers who would arise in '60s and '70s. The fact that the tunes lyrics lean heavily upon the subject of diabolism give it that much more weight as one of recorded music's early forays into the occult.

After recording his early sides James disappeared from the music industry until he was "rediscovered" in the 1960s and went on to record several albums before passing away at the end of the decade. Director Terry Zwigoff utilized "Devil Got My Woman" to great effect in his 2001 cinematic adaptation of Daniel Clowes comics series 'Ghost World'.

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An all-star cast joins Open Mike Eagle for an uncharacteristically slick visual interpretation of his "Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps)".

Dude with the alien head though.

The Gold Panda-produced "Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps)" is from Mike's recent EP 'A Special Episode of...', out now on Mello Music Group.

Open Mike Eagle
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In a rare move for a contemporary R&B "diva", Tinashe's new video for "Cold Sweat" is simple, understated, and steeped in an intimacy almost unprecedented in today's overhyped, overproduced, image-oriented music industry.

It also features just the right amount of warped pseudo-psychedelic visual style to go with the slumpy, synthesizer-fueled, laid-back Boom-Clap-influenced production from Boi-1da, SkySense, and Sango that backs her sexy cooing.

"Cold Sweat" is from Tinashe's debut album 'Aquarius', which is out now on RCA Records.

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