About Imageyenation

Imageyenation is an online cabal of “free thinkers” dedicated to “immanentizing the eschaton”. We propose to complete such a momentous undertaking via nothing less than the dissolution of nation-states, the desecration of organized religion, the abolition of private property, the redistribution of wealth, rampant miscegenation, polyamory, Gay marriage, smashing the gender binary, abuse of psychoactive substances, using your tax-dollars to pay for healthcare (including abortions!), and the summoning of unspeakable “supernatural” entities via the performance of debauched rituals. To that end we’ll be posting a plethora of streaming media, DJ mixes, podcasts, record, book, and film reviews, and the occasional funny photo, not to mention in-depth essays and editorials on everything from Pop-Culture to the paranormal, Hip-Hop to “high weirdness”, directly to this undercurrent of the underground stream that is “the internets”.