No Magick This Monday

Ab-Soul - Do What Thou Wilt

Since my life is an ever deepening pit of existential despair there will be no magick this Monday.

Assuming I don’t succumb to suicidal ideation our magickal musical feature should return…eventually.

In the meantime, go listen to Ab-Soul’s new album ‘Do What Thou Wilt’.

He’s a Rap guy who actually uses the word “Thelemite” on a song.

2 thoughts on “No Magick This Monday

  1. don’t let life get you down! we’re all waiting for new posts when you’re ready! thanks for this amazing collection of music/culture/art! i come here when I’m down on new music or inspiration.

    1. Thank you Candace. Believe it or not, that means a lot to me. I’m currently processing a whole lot. Trying to get it together. Planning a comeback. But implementing plans in the face of depression can be difficult.

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