Rem(ix)ember Me (Contest)

I’ve been playing Capcom’s stylish, sumptiously designed platformer/fighter ‘Remember Me’ for the last few weeks. Aside from the innovations in gameplay and the fantastically realized world of Neo-Paris I’ve been pretty captivated by the game’s soundtrack.

The work of composer Olivier Deriviere, it shy’s away from recent trends toward punishing Dubstep beats and instead blends traditional cinematic orchestration with little glitchy touches. In keeping with the game’s theme of “remixing” memories Capcom and Deriviere have offered ,”Fragments”, a track from the soundtrack. for folks to remix, and maybe win some prizes.


Two winners will be eligible to win an exclusive ‘Remember Me’ vinyl LP with a custom-made sleeve and their winning track, a game console of their choice (Xbox 360 or PS3), the ‘Remember Me’ artbook, a signed copy of the game, and assorted swag. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

So visit the contest page as soon as possible, download the “Fragments” stems, go to town on them in your DAW of choice, upload your fancy mix, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be a winner. And if not, maybe you can get the game’s lead character Nilin to “remix” your memories so at least you think you’re the big winner.

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