Run the Jewels – 36 Inch Chain (Video)

El-P and Killer Mike approach Beastie Boys “Sabotage” or Action Bronson “The Symbol” levels of awesomeness in the new and extremely funny (and ultra-violent) video for Run the Jewels’ “36” Chain”.

Killums, the puppet from El-P’s “The Full Retard” video, plays a major role in the clip but keep an eye our for cameos from the likes of Despot, Himanshu of Das Racist, and party dude Andrew WK, amongst others.

El and Mike’s performances here confirm their places on my dream list cast as Danny Pricefixer and Otto Waterhouse, respectively, in a hypothetical big screen adaptation of the ‘Illuminatus!’ trilogy.

Oh, and here are “The Full Retard” and “Big Beast” in case you missed ’em while we weren’t around.

Run the Jewels

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