Bishop Nehru – Mobb Dizzle (Video)

My first reaction to this “Mobb Dizzle” video from 16-year-old upstart Bishop Nehru wasn’t “oh, shit more young dude throwback Rap” but “is this motherfucker wearing a pair of Shawn Kemp Reebok Kamikaze’s?”

Seriously, I had a pair of those shits back in the day and this video has done nothing but send me to eBay to see how much they’re selling for and then running to my closet to see if I still have a pair to auction.

A blogger is unemployed and needs cash!

But I digress, Nehru fits in with those Pro Era cats and other heads who are making True-School Rap, kicking lyrics over a jazzy vibraphone loop and the classic “Skullsnaps” break like a lost Hit Squad member.

He’s also on tour this Summer as the opening act for Hip-Hop legends Wu-Tang Clan’s reunion tour, which is one hell of a co-sign for some young kid out of nowhere to have under his likely to be low-slung belt!

Check out this kid’s ‘strictlyFLOWZ’ mixtape, which I literally JUST downloaded and haven’t listened to yet.

Bishop Nehru

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