‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Official Trailer (Video)

In the wake of a pretty serious content leak by SONY, Rockstar has released the final ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ trailer before the game’s September 17th release.

This trailer offers a bit more insight into how Michael gets pulled back into the world of crime, as well as how far beyond the Michael, Franklin, Trevor triumvirate their crime ring might actually extend.

We’ve been playing a lot of ‘San Andreas’ here at Imageyenation HQ lately so this trailer has me more than a little amped to return to the city of Los Santos and its dangerous criminal underbelly in bigger, bolder, and brighter, hi-definition.

I’ve played ‘Bioshock: Infinite’ and ‘The Last of Us’, and ‘Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag’, ‘Watch_Dogs’, and ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ are all still to come, but ‘GTAV’ is looking like the event game of the year.

Keep your ears open for music from The Alchemist, Oh No, Flying Lotus, Tyler, the Creator, Hudson Mohawke, DJ Rashad, and more when the game drops in a few weeks.

‘Grand Theft Auto V’
Rockstar Games

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