‘A Field in England’ Trailer (Video)

A Field in England

Despite the fact that I have apparently been banned from the comments section of their film blog Badass Digest (you can me, I don’t link to you), I am more than a little excited for Drafthouse Films’ forthcoming ‘A Field in England’.

The black & white tale of war, soldiers, an Alchemist, psychedelic mushrooms, a mysterious treasure, and the titular field, comes courtesy of director Ben Wheatley, of ‘Sightseers’ and ‘Kill List’ fame.

‘Kill List’ is a masterfully executed mindfuck of a movie that easily found a place on my favorite witch/cult films of all time list, so I have high hopes for his handling of “magic” and psychedelia here.

It hits theatres and VOD on February 7th.

‘A Field in England’

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