Weird HappYness – (((10,000 HOURS +))) (Download)

Weird HappYness - (((10,000 HOURS +)))

Weird HappYness ‘(((10,000 Hours +)))’ (.ZIP)

Longtime Imageyenation homie Malik Ameer, known for kicking conscious Raps over firebrand Funk beats, has teamed up with musician Max Tucker for a foray into sludgy instrumental music.

The two, as Weird HappYness, bring their Jazz and Funk sensibilities to the realm of experimental Electronica and Hip-Hop production a-la Dilla, FlyLo, DâM-FunK, and Juba Dance, on ‘(((10,000 Hours +))’.

Malik, Max, and their collaborator Leron Thomas, were nice enough to make their initial offering free to download to those of us who might wish to join them as they embark on this new sonic exploration.

You can also check out a couple of cuts, including the somnambulant, Kraftwerk-y, backwards beats, and Jazzy skronk of “Tipping to the Point”, in a much more visual milieu via a handful of YouTube uploads.

Malik Ameer
Max Tucker

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