“Manly” Cartoon Hangover Shorts #8 (Video)

You probably know Cartoon Hangover as the home to ‘Adventure Time’ creator Pendleton Ward’s outer space adventure tale ‘Bravest Warriors’.

They produce a bunch of other fresh to def shit too though, including their Too Cool! Cartoons series, which has given us the stoopid def short ‘Manly’ from Jesse and Justin Moynihan!

It’s about crazy space Gods, war, sibling rivalry, asshole fathers, a wicked awesome, super violent, super sensitive young heroine with a weird sidekick who lives in her fanny pack, and deep, deep philosophizing.

I love the shit out of it, and think there really needs to be a ‘Manly’ series.

Cartoon Hangover
Jesse Moynihan
Justin Moynihan

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