of Montreal – Bassem Sabry (Audio)

Kevin Barnes

One of our favorite bands ever, of Montreal, announced the upcoming release of their thirteenth studio LP, ‘Aureate Gloom’, earlier this week.

They also dropped the first single from the album, a delicious Disco-flavored Rock number with an infectious clap-along beat and signature slithery bass-groove called “Bassem Sabry” that loudly declares “there is no governor, anywhere.”

While Barnes has always been one of the most quotable lyricists in popular music, “Bassem Sabry” finds him getting downright anthemic, spitting lines like “I never followed, some kind of masters voice”, declaring “every leader is a cellophane punk”, and pledging “I believe in witches, I believe in you”!

Put it on repeat until ‘Aureate Gloom’ drops on March 3rd via the Polyvinyl Records label.

of Montreal

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