Monday Magick: Jim Sullivan – Jerome (Video)

Jim Sullivan - Jerome

Once again my obsession with conspiracy-themed talk-radio pays off by exposing me to another potential Monday Magick featuree! This week’s entry is another “lost classic”, an orchestral Folk-Pop number titled “Jerome”, from ‘U.F.O.’, the supernatural-tinged debut LP from the mysterious Jim Sullivan, which was re-released not too long ago by re-issue specialists Light in the Attic Records.

Though he made a cameo in the counter-culture classic ‘Easy Rider’ I was unaware of Jim Sullivan or his music before today. I was introduced to the song “Jerome” earlier today thanks to an episode of Los Angeles-based paranormal pop-culture radio program West of the Rockies and was immediately enchanted. The song’s melancholy lyrics, which speak wistfully of finding a “magic man”, plucky acoustic guitar, rattling percussion, and swelling string accompaniment burrowed their way right into my consciousness and I knew then and there what I’d be sharing when I got home from work tonight. Sure, the song isn’t overtly about the supernatural or occult, but it’s unmistakable shout-out to magic and sort of vague, almost hallucinogenic lyricism made it a shoe-in for inclusion here on Monday Magick.

While the supernatural qualities of Jim Sullivan’s music may be questionable, the backstory which surrounds him is shrouded in what can only be termed “high weirdness”. After releasing a self-titled sophomore album in 1972 the singer-songwriter disappeared without a trace while traveling through the New Mexico desert, leaving his guitar, some recordings, and a box of his own LPs behind in his abandoned VW bug. A few folks have linked the New Mexico desert where he vanished with the U.F.O. phenomenon that provided the title of his debut and postulated that there may be a connection between the two and his ultimate fate. I don’t know about that. But I do know his music is pretty magickal.

Music is magick.

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