’10 Cloverfield Lane’ Trailer (Video)

When ‘Cloverfield’ stomped onto movie theatre screens in 2008 it was a pretty big deal to me and my friend.

There was a good deal of speculation about the film—which was written by Drew Goddard, directed by Matt Reeves, and produced by J. J. Abrams—fueled by a groundbreaking viral marketing campaign, largely unfounded internet rumors, and Abrams’ patented “mystery box”.

All that mystery undoubtedly played a role in the film’s ultimate success at the box office, and there was talk of a sequel which was pretty quickly forgotten.

Eight years later a trailer dropped out of nowhere for a movie from Abrams’ Bad Robot production company—but none of the other folks involved with ‘Cloverfield’—called ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ which may be that sequel.

Or maybe not.

It’s being described by Abrams as a “blood relative” to ‘Cloverfield’, but is also rumored to be a completely different movie with only a tangential connection to the earlier film.

All we really know is that this is the first pretty much anybody has heard about the fuckin’ thing and it’s scheduled to hit theatres on March 11th.

’10 Cloverfield Lane’

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