Sammus – Nighttime feat. Izzy True (Video)

Hey, brain?
We should talk…

So begins “Nighttime”, a rare glimpse of how anxiety and depression can effect those of us unlucky enough to be afflicted with mental health difficulties by Nerdcore emcee Sammus.

Other than proclamations of psychopathic tendencies and the rare ode to suicide mental health is not a subject often addressed by Hip-Hop artists, but Sammus and guest Izzy True treat the subject with painful honesty and just a smidgen of tongue-in-cheek humor.

The nighttime sweats and the nighttime chills
The nighttime sucks, yeah the nighttime feels
Like I cant get my brain together
Will I feel insane forever

Right in the feels, man.  Right in the feels.

“Nighttime” is from the Ithaca, New York based producer/emcee’s newest album, ‘Pieces in Space’, which is out now on Don Giovanni Records.


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