Noah23 - Street Astrology

Noah23 ‘Street Astrology’ (.ZIP) Canadian rap-sensation and friend of Discordia Noah23 is back with another album of blissed out beats and esoteric rhymes, minus the downshifted vocal stylings of his Blast Master Therion persona, on ‘Street Astrology’. As usual Noah’s offering his latest collection of slightly unhinged, metaphysical microphonics, assisted[…]

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Noah23 - Blast Master Therion

Noah23 – Occult Trill III: Blast Master Therion (Download)

NФΔH ஜ3 ‘ФℭҜvŁ† †ЯiŁŁ III: βŁΔ§† றΔ§†€Я †Ҥ€ЯiФ₦’ (.ZIP) The latest, and supposedly last, in Guelph emcee Noah23’s ‘Occult Trill’ series of mixtapes, subtitled ‘Blast Master Therion’, dropped a couple weeks back. This one sees him spitting slowed down syrupy syllables riddled with references to Aleister Crowley and Robert Anton[…]

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