‘Under the Skin’ Trailer (Video)

Music video auteur and ‘Sexy Beast’ director Jonathan Glazer taps Scarlett Johansson for exactly the kind of role I was looking for from her post-‘Ghost World’ and ‘Lost in Translation’.

Their new film ‘Under the Skin’ finds the gorgeous and mysterious actress playing a gorgeous and mysterious creature of some kind, which may or may not have a supernatural origin.

Apparently the flick, which has been released overseas and made the festival circuit on this side of the pond has been leaving audiences and critics alike divided as to its quality.

One thing is certain, ScarJo looks impeccable here, as does Glazer’s eye for striking scene layout, shot construction, and general visual style, which is both creepy and beautiful.

‘Under the Skin’ is in theatres this April.

‘Under the Skin’

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