Tiga – Bugatti (Video)

I feel like Tiga’s one of those big name dudes from the world of Electronic Dance Music production and disc jockeys who can be kinda hit-n-miss.

But for the most part he’s managed to deliver dope joints and avoid some of the “EDM star” pitfalls that have swallowed a lot of his contemporaries whole.

“Bugatti” is definitely an example of one of his “hits” with its simple, clean throwback production and vocals.

I mean, that bassline that comes in at 2:08? That’s what I’m talking about!

And the video is ill too, extending the minimalist, old school production aesthetic to the visuals.

Besides, anytime anybody mentions a Bugatti I can’t help but think of my man Hagbard Celine and his gold Bugatti in the ‘Illuminatus!’ trilogy.


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