El Mayor Clasico – El Chuby (Me Quieren Hacer Brujeria) (Video)

In light of Monday Magick’s absence I couldn’t resist presenting you with this crazy-ass Reggaeton video featuring a witch and some weird Santeria/Brujeria imagery.

Seriously, I have no idea what the hell is supposed to be going on in this song or the video, like to the point where I’m only barely certain as to who’s singing it or what it’s called.

Much like Ron Burgundy, you know I don’t speak Spanish, but I feel like red-haired holmes, who is apparently named El Mayor Clasico, mentions witches or witchcraft and maybe the devil or devilishness of some kind, throughout the song.

The tune is evidently titled “El Chuby”, and seems to be subtitled “(Me Quieren Hacer Brujeria)”, which seems like it’d make perfect sense when paired with the video but makes literally no sense when paired with Google Translate.

Regardless, this shit bangs hard, and that’s coming from somebody who is generally not feeling the Reggaeton.

El Mayor Clasico

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