David Bowie – Blackstar (Video)

Last Monday I mentioned that David Bowie had recently released a new single and video, titled “Blackstar”, and that it seemed pretty dope.

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to watch the clip several times I think I have to expound and expand on it’s quality.

“Blackstar” isn’t just dope.

It’s absolutely fucking incredible!

The song itself, which melds avant-garde Jazz rhythms and electronic instrumentation with Bowie’s traditional style of arty Pop accented by Funk and Soul flourishes over a couple of distinct movements, is just gorgeous!

And the video? Well, that’s something else entirely!

It’s up for debate—and debate is happening online—what the song and video are actually about. But in my estimation there is some deep magick, with connections to the occult beliefs Bowie has toyed with throughout his career, going on in this clip!

I’m seeing—and hearing—imagery associated with Gnosticism, so-called “ancient alien” theory, the Templar idol Baphomet—which ties back to Bowie’s long-held interest in Crowleyism since both the Golden Dawn and the OTO claim to be heirs to the traditions of the Templars—Crowley’s ‘Liber AL vel Legis’—the first chapter of which states “Every man and woman is a star”—and the Nazi belief in a “Hollow Earth” lit by an internal “black sun”—echos of the “solitary candle” located “in the center of it all” discussed in the lyrics?—amongst other occult weirdness.

The “spooky” quality of the video, coupled with the song’s lyrics, which reference a “House of the Serpent”—or “villa of Ormen”—fallen angels, and an execution where the condemned—Jesus?—is replaced at the last minute by one more willing, plus rumors that the song is “about ISIS”, has already left people a little freaked out about it.

In fact, there’s already a crazy Christian conspiracy guy ranting about the video on YouTube!

People also think the whole thing is a callback to the legend of Major Tom from Bowie’s “Space Oddity” from his ’70s heyday.

I don’t know about that, I just know I like it.

“Blackstar” is the title track from Bowie’s forthcoming 25th studio album, due out January 18th on RCA Records.

David Bowie

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