Tone Tank – One-Offs & One-Upmanships (Download)

Tone Tank - One-Offs & One-Upmanships


Just before the holiday break Brooklyn, NY-based artist, rapper, and friend of the blog Tone Tank released ‘ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPs’, a twenty-three track collection of random, but exceedingly dope, tracks he’s recorded over the last few years.

There are collaborations with Tone’s Nuk Fam comrades Scott Thorough, Snafu of Junk Science, and J Howells Werthman, the humble magnificent Edan, former Das Racist member KOOL AD, blog favorite Serengeti, Steel Tipped Dove, Harry Fraud, the criminally underrated Cool Calm Pete, and a handful of others.

The previously released and very MF DOOM-esque “Ellen Degenerates”, “Goog” featuring Serengeti and Cool Calm Pete, “Bazooka Rap (Edan Medley)”, and “Ringalario” produced by and featuring Snafu are some of my favorite cuts.

Tone Tank

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