LarzRanda – Turtles (Video)

“Outsider Rap” gets a bad…well, rap…thanks to a handful of acts who’ve parlayed their atypical origins into Pop stardom at the expense of more seasoned dues-payers.

That said, I’ve always championed non-traditional or experimental styles of Hip-Hop from artists who break the mold of who or what a rapper is supposed to be, act, or look like.

It’s too early to say whether New Zealand’s LarzRanda is an opportunist or an artist expressing themselves from the heart, but I’m getting a real Open Mike Eagle/Serengeti sort of vibe from their new song and video “Turtles”, which is a good thing.

The song is cute. And the video, while simple, might shock or surprise some viewers.

The video for “Rangers” is pretty dope too, for reasons that are sure to be evident to anyone who knows what I’m all about, if a tad old.


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