CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION // Vol. 29, July 20th, 2016


It’s been close to a month since the last CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION. But El Keter and Emeyesi are finally back with another installment.

This time around they spin some sampledelic Hip-Hop, a couple funky Electro-Disco cuts, a few Indie-Dance tracks, a pair of smooth slow-jammy Alt-R&B jams (or jammy-jams?), and one wonky Indie-Hippie tune.

They also get into some typically asinine discussion points including getting “all churroed out”, the “gentle buck fifty”, and how pizza contributed to Emeyesi’s recent exercise of his white privilege.

Happily we only managed to screw up the recording process once!

Receive the transmission!

Receive it!


1. The Avalanches “Because I’m Me” feat. Camp Lo
2. BADBADNOTGOOD “Lavender” feat. Kaytranada
3. Justice “Safe and Sound”
4. Lil Silva “The Play”
5. Jessy Lanza “VV Violence”
6. Metronomy “16 Beat”
7. Blood Orange “Better Than Me”
8. Com Truise “du Zirconia”
9. Liss “Sorry”
10. River Tiber “Acid Test”
11. Maqqara Mastabas “The Cosmeticians Knife”
12. Sequoyah Tiger “Slimer Smile”

CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION // Vol. 29, July 20th, 2016 feat. EL KETER & EMEYESI (.MP3)

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