Blownaparte MK Ultra Things Tee

Blownaparte MK Ultra Things Tee

Alternative streetwear brand Blownaparte has released a brand new tee inspired by Netflix’s red-hot ’80s throwback supernatural/horror series ‘Stranger Things’!

In a nod to the show’s plot, which draws from the lore surrounding the American government’s alleged role in Project MKUltra and the Montauk Project, the MK Ultra Things tee features the words “MK Ultra” in the same heavily stylized Steven King-esque font used in the ‘Stranger Things’ title sequence.

‘Stranger Things’ is one of the best things I’ve seen on television in recent memory, and I have an affinity for all the high weirdness connected to MKUltra, so this was an instant purchase for me.

Place your pre-order now!


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