Teepublic Yo Cult, Wu-Tang Cthulhu, Ritual, Stranger Kids, and Cthulhu’s Church Tees

Teepublic Back to School Sale

Teepublic, one of several purveyors of a multitude of screen-print ephemera is having a big Back to School sale right now so I took the opportunity to load up on relatively cheap t-shirts.

I copped Yo Cult by obinsun, Wu-Tang Cthulhu by Melonseta, Ritual by JacobCharlesDietz, Stranger Kids by erobriant, and Cthulhu’s Church by spike00, which boast images of Baphomet, Cthulhu, an all-seeing eye, a pentagram, and fonts or logos inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan and the Netflix program ‘Stranger Days’ between them!

And I scored bonus points for being able to nab a few coveted designs for sale on other sites right now at low, low discount prices via Teepublic and their handy sale.

Thanks Teepublic!


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