MGMT – When You Die (Video)

Abandoning the uncharacteristically Gothy New Wave sheen of their last record, “Little Dark Age”, MGMT go for a decidedly more subdued classic Indie-Pop sound while keeping the glum content intact on their snotty new single “When You Die”.

I’m not that nice
I’m mean and I’m evil
Don’t call me nice
I’m gonna eat your heart out
I’ve got some work to do
Baby, I’m ready, I’m ready, ready, ready to blow my lid off

Go fuck yourself
You heard me right
Don’t call me nice again
Don’t you have somewhere to be at seven thirty?
Baby, I’m ready, I’m ready, ready, ready to blow my brains out

You die
And words won’t do anything
It’s permanently night
And I won’t feel anything
We’ll all be laughing with you when you die

I mean, Jesus! I am really relating to these lyrics right about now! Especially set to their Fleetwood Mac by way of College Radio instrumentation. And this magically horrific video is fucking gorgeous and creepy as hell in all the right ways!

“When You Die” is the second single from MGMT’s forthcoming fourth full length album ‘Little Dark Age’, which is due out in 2018.


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