Monday Magick: K.M.D. – Sorcerers (Video)

K.M.D. - Sorcerers

I literally just got out of the hospital and am in a pretty weird mood, so this week’s Monday Magick pick is a little out of the ordinary. The tune, “Sorcerers” by KMD, is a laid back jazzy Hip-Hop joint featuring verses from metal-masked rap legend MF DOOM, Lil’ Sci, and ID4Windz over one of DOOM’s ‘Special Herbs’ instrumentals. I’m pretty sure the song was originally a loose one-off, but it’s been released in a few different LP formats over the years.

Billed as a KMD song, the truth is “Sorcerers” is more like a collaboration between DOOM and Nuwaupian Hip-Hop crew Scienz of Life. KMD was of course DOOM’s original project featuring himself (then recording under the name Zevlove X), his brother Subroc, and collaborator Onyx. Together they released the classic LP ‘Mr. Hood’ in 1991 and recorded the controversial 1994 LP ‘Bl_ck B_st_rds’ which Elektra Records famously refused to release that subsequntly went unpublished for years. The group was known for its eccentric use of samples and their connection to Dwight York and his Ansaaru Allah Community (also known as the Nubian Islamic Hebrews, Holy Tabernacle Ministries, and the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors). When Subroc passed in a tragic auto accident and Elektra balked at releasing the group’s sophomore LP Zevlove X went deep underground and transformed into MF DOOM. He reemerged just as eccentric, but far less devout. Yet and still, he’s consistently dropped references to the spiritual teachings of York and has maintained a relationship with Nuwaupian Hip-Hop acts like Scienz of Life. So when collaborations between DOOM and members of Scienz of Life emerged it only made sense to associate the connection to the Nuwaubianism with his former group. I don’t know if DOOM was really toying with the idea, or if it was just fans wishing, but it would make sense for DOOM, Lil’ Sci, and ID4WINDZ to combine as a reformed KMD. I wouldn’t have minded as their other collaborations, such as a Scienz of Life cut called “Yikes!”, are pretty dope. “Sorcerers” itself is gloriously smooth thanks to a slick Blackbyrds sample and expert microphone magic courtesy of the self-identified “rawest emcees that floss like Sorcerers”. No, the tune isn’t concerned with magick, or the occult, but the connection of all involved with the teachings of Dr. York, along with the titular allusion to sorcery, are enough to warrant an appearance here.

Sadly, nothing concrete ever came of the collaborations between DOOM, Sci, and ID4WINDZ, aside from a couple of loose cuts, and Sci (now operating under his John Robinson alias) rhyming over some DOOM beats. DOOM himself continues to record, despite living in veritable exile in England, the land of his birth. While Scienz of Life seems to have disbanded with it’s members going in various directions, with John Robinson remaining active on the Hip-Hop scene.

Music is magick!

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