‘Hell and Back’ Official Red Band Trailer (Video)

‘Hell and Back’, a new R-rated stop-motion animated comedy/horror flick from ShadowMachine (the studio behind ‘BoJack Horseman’ and several Adult Swim shows) looks kinda like ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ if it were made by those ‘Robot Chicken’ dudes*.

My ticket is already bought!

Or, it would be if it were playing anywhere near me.

‘Hell and Back’, featuring the voice talents of Nick Swardson, Mila Kunis, Bob Odenkirk, T.J. Miller, Rob Riggle, Susan Sarandon, Danny McBride, Maria Bamford, Michael Peña, J.B. Smoove, Brian Posehn, and Lance Bass, is in theatres somewhere now.

* I know, ShadowMachine are those ‘Robot Chicken’ dudes.

‘Hell and Back’

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