CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION // Vol. 14, October 4th, 2015 (Podcast)


Listen as El Keter and Emeyesi get smooth, sexy, and just a little bit spooky with another brand new episode of the Clandestine Transmission podcast!

This week we present a collection of sultry, soulful selections of the electronic and organic variety alongside the usual conversation about non-corporeal intercourse, “feeling the Bern” with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and not doing “the Dew”, among other shenanigans.

Receive the transmission!

Receive it!


1. SG Lewis “No Less” feat. Louis Mattrs
2. Garden City Movement “Sorting Things Out”
3. Howling “Stole the Night”
4. JOY “About Us”
5. Maribou State “The Clown” feat. Pedestrian
6. DAZE “Compton”
7. Rivver “Am I OK” feat. Milk and Bone
8. Galimatias “Can I” feat. Alina Baraz
9. Soft Lit “Ocean King”
10. Silkie “Arcada”
11. Erykah Badu “Hotline Bling (But You Can’t Use My Phone Mix)”

CLANDESTINE TRANSMISSION // Vol. 14, October 4th, 2015 feat. EL KETER & EMEYESI (.MP3)

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